Because Our Clients
Are Worth It!

To me the most important thing to do with a client is to listen. It's becoming a lost art. I have been in the packaging business for the past twenty years and I still get excited about designing and creating packaging solutions that enhance our clients' brand. I can't help it... I guess it's in my DNA. Whatever the product, our job is to express your brand within a package that's innovative, affordable and sustainable.

T.O. Packaging has gained a reputation for providing exceedingly excellent customer service and satisfaction by delivering what we promise on time and within budget. Not only that but it's our job to make sure that your product makes it from the warehouse to the final destination in one piece.

It comes down to honesty, integrity and trust. I like to think that's why our clients are so loyal... your success is our success.

It includes:
· Your Brand Awareness
· Affordable Pricing
· Passion for Excellence
· Pride In Our Products
· Attention To Detail
· Service
· Safety
· Sustainability

Sepi Karandish

President and Founder